Anxiety coaching from a trauma therapist

The Calm, Confident Brain – experience how a trauma therapist teaches her clients to feel calm, confident and self-assured.


Sometimes we need more than herbal medicine to feel at our best.  Anxiety and overwhelm can lurk in the background and sabotage our every move.  If you feel you could do with a little extra help, this is the online anxiety coaching programme to get you feeling good in your own skin.  


This programme will help you if you suffer from

  • Anxiety, constant background or severe anxiety, overwhelm, panic, or emotional storms
  • Inability to relax, being on edge, constant vigilance or ‘red alert’
  • Feeling stuck, unable to move forward, unable to either make decisions or carry them out
  • Feeling trapped, fear, unable to get away or fear of not being able to escape
  • Being frozen or unable to respond when overwhelmed
  • Feeling ungrounded, lost, in limbo
  • A loss of sense of self, not quite knowing who you are any more


Over years of working one-to-one with thousands of clients from all walks of life, and from all over the world, one thing has become crystal clear:  It’s the unconscious brain which provides calm and confidence, WHATEVER the circumstances.  So, as a trauma therapist I have pulled together the essential ingredients and developed a simple online coaching programme based on my successful work with thousands of clients, where you can discover how to do this without one-to-one therapy.   And it doesn’t cost hundreds of pounds a month!


In this programme you will discover how to

  • Master simple, powerful tools to feel calm, confident and safe in your skin
  • Calm unconscious brain activation, so you can feel safe, self-assured and in charge
  • Soothe, regulate and even repair the unconscious brain’s fight,  flight and freeze states
  • Build confidence and switch on clarity so you can think and feel clearly, and make better decisions


You’ll get

  • Instant access to 10 short, practical videos in which I show you exactly the simple but powerful exercises I teach my one-to-one clients to deal with anxiety (and feeling on edge, feeling stuck, feeling trapped, feeling frozen, being ungrounded, and loss of sense of self).  This all happens in the part of the brain where it arises – the unconscious brain.  You follow along and do it with me, or pause the video and try it out on your own.
  • A crucial video with First Aid for Right Now
  • Exercises which you do yourself anywhere, at any time, which are simple, quick and easy to do.  Little and often to train the brain!
  • All the exercises are totally practical, which means that you actually do them, and don’t just “learn about” them.
  • The nerdy-theory video, which our rational brains need, where you get crystal-clear explanations for what is happening in the brain, why it makes us anxious, and the rationale behind what to do about it.
  • Instant online access at all times to all videos.  No expiry date.
  • Optional membership of the insiders’ Facebook group ‘Calm, Confident Brain Posse’, where I hang out to give you support, encouragement, to celebrate your wins, and to answer questions you may have.  A place for encouragement and support, so you are not doing this alone!