Consulting Medical Herbalist Anne Cheshire, MNIMH, SEP provides online consultation and dispensary for acute and chronic health conditions.

Online consultations and dispensary

Become a patient at Herbalist Scotland and take advantage of tailor-made prescriptions, dispensed on the premises, for IBS, anxiety conditions, chronic fatigue, and menopausal symptoms, as well as coughs and colds, urinary tract infections, varicose veins and minor infections.  Prescriptions can be posted or collected from the premises, observing physical (social) distancing.

Restore energy and revive your spirits.  Sometimes, particularly in these times, we need help where there is no pathology, or “nothing wrong with you!”.  Managing the varying hormonal imbalances of menopause, for instance, or recovering from overwhelming stress, can both be tricky.  Consulting medical herbalist Anne Cheshire, practising trauma therapist for ten years, understands the psychological and physiological effects of this on daily life.  Herbal medicine has a recorded history of addressing these issues, and Anne uses this knowledge alongside her up-to-date medical training to provide tailor-made prescriptions.

Herbalist Scotland also provide an ever-changing range of hand-made skin care products, containing minimal preservatives and maximal skin-cherishing herbal ingredients.  Medical salves and creams are also available for minor skin conditions.  Both are dispensed with a very short consultation.

From major to minor ailments, acute or chronic conditions, or just for cough mixture or skin cream, why not become a patient and book a consultation with consulting medical herbalist Anne at Herbalist Scotland.  The contact form below will get you there.

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